Automated payables solution for corporations

RegalPay enables corporations to instantly pay with virtual card, ACH, wire and check payments for accounts payable.

  • Payments with the click of a button with easy reconciliation
  • Integrates with over 160 ERP systems
  • No customization required
  • Safe and secure

“In today’s environment corporations are searching for ways to eliminate manual processes and improve efficiencies. More than ever, corporations desire creative, cost effective automated solutions in a stable, safe and secure environment. RegalPay is the perfect solution.”

Ed Wertzberger, VP Solution Delivery – Regal Software


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We will:

  • Discuss how your company can securely pay and transmit Virtual Card, ACH, Wire and Check payments to your bank with the click of a button and easily reconcile.
  • Review the RegalPay platform and how it integrates with over 160 ERP systems.
  • Provide best practices for automating the payments process.

About RegalPay

B2B Payment Automation

A proven solution that enables corporations to easily connect its accounting system to their bank for electronic payments in a stable, safe and secure environment. Payment types include Virtual Card, ACH, Wire and Checks. RegalPay is a universal, cloud-based payment adapter that connects any accounting system to any bank and manages the full payment cycle from transmit to reconcile. RegalPay manages all vendor information payment types and configuration required to interface with your bank payment processing software without any modifications to your system.

  • RegalPay works with any bank
  • “Future Proof” – if you change accounting/ERP systems
  • No “customization” – keep your existing system intact and avoid future upgrade issues
  • Stable, safe and secure environment.

Since 2008 RegalPay has been installed in over 1,500 locations and billions of dollars in transactions. RegalPay is integrated with over 160 accounting systems.

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